Kurapia® is a newly developed and highly versatile groundcover, with many attractive landscape features including very low water requirements, and minimal maintenance needs. Bred in Japan, from the native Lippia nodiflora species, Kurapia® is patented, sterile selection (unable to produce seed), and unlike the species, is non-invasive. A perennial plant, Kurapia® has a spreading, and very low growth habit, up to 1” in height. The pleasant, medium-green foliage is accented by small white flowers from early May through early November. Additional landscape features include very strong tolerance of salts and a broad range of soil pH and soil types, good weed suppression once full  coverage is achieved, and because of its deep root system, very good erosion control performance. Applications include use as a low water lawn alternative for residential and commercial sites, freeway and highway landscapes, parkways and medians, slopes and common areas, parks and recreational areas, public utility landscaping, and for green roofs. Kurapia® will tolerate light foot traffic, but is not recommended for heavily used areas such as sports fields.