'Kurapia' is a selection of a herbaceous groundcover, Lippia nodiflora. It is evergreen, and well-suited as a lawn alternative, requiring about 75% less water than many turf grasses, and minimal maintenance. 'Kurapia' takes light foot traffic only, and is a great selection when the green look of a lawn is desired, but in an area that will not get a lot of repeat wear. 'Kurapia' is also excellent on slopes, providing for erosion control and weed abatement. From residential lawns to commercial landscapes and parks to retention basins, 'Kurapia' gets the job done with minimal water.

Did you know?

'Kurapia' qualifies as a lawn replacement in the Metropolitan Water District’s “Cash for Grass” rebate program, and also qualifies for rebates in a number of other water district and municipal turf replacement programs. Inquire for specifics from your local water agency or city office.

Erosion Control Kurapia

Erosion Control

Weed Suppression

Weed Suppression Kurapia
Non-Invasive Kurapia


Long Flowering Season

Long Flowering Season Kurapia